About GeekVape Zeus X RTA’s Review

The GeekVape Zeus is probably the most well-known RTA series inside the past of vaping, with a few moving in terms of contacting it legendary. Following two memorable iterations, the Chinese producer has come forth with the Zeus X, the “final model from the Zeus series”. It’s a tremendous best-airflow RTA that guarantees a leak-proof vaping experience, easy coil mounting, and outstanding flavor. That sounds interesting, but then again it might just be intense advertising, so let’s take a look and discover in the event the new GeekVape Zeus X RTA is really as incredible as its producer promises.

A peek at the Contents The Zeus X will come in a small cardboard package published in GeekVape’s now-classic black and orange configuration, having a image from the RTA more than a thunderous track record on the entrance, along with a short explanation, a listing of package deal items, business contact details as well as a damage and look validity sticker around the back.

Inside the box, we have now the Zeus X RTA sitting down snug within a black color Styrofoam holder, close to a reduced box where you’ll discover the majority of the included components. They consist of a spare glass area, some extra o-wedding rings, substitute grub screws for that create deck, an Ultem 810 drip idea, a 510 adapter for fans of the old 510 drip tips, an Allen key, a GeekVpe triple screwdriver, prepared-to-wick cotton strips, as well as 2 N80 fused Clapton coils. At the bottom of the container, you’ll also find a consumer handbook along with other reading substance.

This is certainly just about the most generous RTA systems I’ve seen in a while. Most RTAs nowadays don’t even consist of pre-produced coils, not to mention a second drip suggestion along with a 510 adapter. Properly carried out, GeekVape, I guess!

Design and Build Top quality The new GeekVape Zeus is actually a beefy-searching atomizer, especially with that pre-installed bubble-glass. It measures 47.8mm through the drip-idea to the bottom of the 510 pins and it is 29mm in diameter (using the bubble glass). If that’s too fat for you, just change to the traditional glass section, and you can slim it as a result of 25mm. Just realize that you’ll additionally be reducing the fruit juice capability from 4.5ml to 3.5ml by performing that.

Design and style-sensible, the Zeus is quite awesome looking, with this reduced-user profile 810 Delrin drip idea, an enormous top cap and also the famous Zeus emblem on the chimney. Its insides are even cooler, but we’ll go into that afterward. Mine came in a rainbow color, which actually appears pretty good on my own new Eleaf iStick Rim, but if you discover it to conspicuous, it’s also available in black color, azure, stainless-steel, reddish, red&black, and gunmetal.

Starting up on the very best, we now have that Delrin drip-tip I pointed out, which, while very great-searching, isn’t really the best suggestion. I really like to cover my lips across the drip-tip once I vape, but there’s not a lot to seize on this RTA, and so i discover my mouth coming in contact with the top cover virtually every time. Granted, I’ve never used up my lip area vaping the Zeus X, but then again I only used it in individual-coil mode, at about 45W, therefore it didn’t become very very hot. But there’s definitely a chance of this in the event you ramp the power and chain-vape.

Then we hold the top cover sitting on the top of the filling dock, as well as an airflow diamond ring on the outside. To gain access to both fill ports, you need to half-convert the best cap counter-clockwise and then lift it up. The situation with this is the fact it’s simple to accidentally get it done when you’re changing the airflow. The airflow engagement ring is a pretty filter, so plenty of instances you accidentally hold the top cover as well. I actually have tiny fingers and that i always make sure I only seize the airflow ring, but I see plenty of customers getting difficulties with the very best cap approaching away when they least assume it. They could have probably identified a means to secure the top cap in place, but it is what it is.

we have the chimney hooking up the top of the reservoir to the bottom, along with the glass area. At the bottom, we only have a changeable, precious metal-plated 510 pin. But there’s actually a lot taking place internally.

Those two massive airflow slots on the top of the Zeus X RTA are slanted in a 45 education position and guide the environment to the chimney, which also has a more compact chimney section on the inside with lots of punctured airflow slots placed properly within the coils. Then we have a really interesting build deck that creates setting up coil a breeze. the fruit juice should sit correctly beneath the create deck, with the cotton prospects achieving directly into feed liquid to the coils. It’s a cool style, but you still have to pay attention when wicking the coils to ensure the deck doesn’t get bombarded.

That 2nd chimney I mentioned has two reduce-outs towards the bottom, which line-up with a couple of notches in the base of the Zeus X, making certain the airflow holes are placed right within the coil/coils. The truth is it doesn’t lock in place in any respect. You just need to line-up the notches with the minimize-outs, then assembles the remainder of the container. I’ve never had any issues with it falling off or being misaligned, however, it does seem to be a bit loosened when you’re adding the whole thing with each other.

The main quality of the Zeus X build deck is versatility. Thanks to the clever post style, you can easily snip the coil qualified prospects beneath the deck, and in addition it foliage plenty of free space for your coils, allowing an individual to choose a single or dual coil set-up. I opted for the former, but you can easily suit two reasonable size coils on right here. Just make sure to line up them in a way they don’t feel the chimney that will go within the deck.

As is always the case with RTAs, wicking is essential to your adequate vaping encounter. In cases like this, you want to depart your coil qualified prospects for enough time so they achieve into the juice well under the deck, but only just. Leaving them too extended isn’t going to make them wick much better, quite the contrary, and reducing them too brief indicates you’ll have to tilt the tank, therefore, the e-water actually reaches the cotton. It’s really not that difficult, but you may need a second try if you’re a beginner.

In general, the Zeus X is actually a nice, robust atomizer which presents some fascinating style suggestions, just like the slanted airflow slot machines, the perforated chimney portion, and also a very flexible build deck. It will have a few imperfections or imperfections, should you will, but nothing that can be described as a deal-breaker.

How It Vapes When you can get past its minor shortcomings, you will discover the GeekVape Zeus X is a rather impressive product. Looking at the “leakproof” qualities to the outstanding flavor it generates, this thing surprised the heck away from me. It’s been a little while since I’ve used a top-notch airflow RTA – if I’m not mistaken the Augvape Ingestion RTA was the last one I reviewed, and this was last summer – and honestly I’ve never really been an enormous fan of these, mainly because the flavor I got from them didn’t really meet my expectations. Using the noteworthy different of the OBS Motor, I always preferred the bottom part airflow RTA’s. But the Zeus X is really something else.

There is certainly just something about the way the airflow is designed with this reservoir – using the air coming in with the slot machines in a 45 degree perspective, and striking the coils through these punctured slots on the inner chimney, and striking the coils before heading up from the chimney and into your oral cavity – that produces some damn flavorful clouds of vapor. It’s hard for me to illustrate just how excellent it is, but if you’re a flavor chaser like me personally, I suggest you try it out.

Vapor manufacturing depends upon what type of development you might have installed, but despite one of the coils included in the kit, at about 40W – 50W, you get a lot of vapor. I’m positive it will even better in twin-coil mode, but I wasn’t curious to try it for myself.

Should I were to grumble about anything at all, it would need to become the noises from the attract. The Zeus X’s enormous airflow slot machines could get pretty noisy when they’re large open, but it’s really not that big of the offer. In addition, you receive used it eventually.

Conclusion I hadn’t used either of the earlier Zeus RTAs, so I didn’t truly know what you should expect, but the new Zeus X really blew me away featuring its impressive performance. It’s not perfect, not by way of an extended-photo, in fact, its iffy top cap and less than perfect machining ma place some users off, but when it comes to flavor, this can be definitely among the best, if not the best top airflow RTA I’ve ever employed. It’s definitely a great addition to the range, and when this is certainly the “final edition”, as it says on the container, at least it’s venturing out inside the blaze of glory.

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Geekvape AEGIS Box Mod

Today I would like to tell you about the boxmode, which has no analogues at the moment. The main advantage of brutal Geekvape Aegis Mod from Geekvape is protection from water, dust, dirt, falls according to IP67 standards and MIL STD 810G-516.6.

Under the cut we will examine it from all sides, we will dip it in water and throw it. All interested are welcome.

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Supplied in a box of cardboard.

On the reverse side description and scratch code for checking originality.

The kit consists of: a boxman, instructions, o-rings, a cap for the usb port, screws and an adapter under 18650. There is also a version with a 26650 battery.

Height – 88 mm
Width – 46.8 mm
Thickness – 37.8 mm
Weight – 202 grams

Available in four colors. Only the metal frame and the leather insert differ.

It is made of zinc alloy and aluminum. The first thing you pay attention to, after opening the box, is the smell of cheap Chinese shoes. On the first day he even interrupted the taste of the liquid. The build quality leaves much to be desired. There are superfluous cracks and inconsistencies of some decorative elements. The rubber insert on most of the device is just some kind of horror. She is constantly in mud and nap. Clean only happens in the first minutes after washing under running water. Looking at the promo photos on the Internet, I expected to get a three-hundred-foot brick, but in reality the mod was very convenient to use. In the hand lies like a poured. But that’s how it is too big for a single battery. However, for the sake of security, something must be sacrificed.

On the front side are:
The button “Fire”. The click is distinct, pleasant and not loud. The button itself sits tight and does not stagger.
0.96 “display.It is especially worth noting that in the off state it completely merges with the entire front glossy plastic panel.This is not often found.
The “±” buttons. But their click is heard from another room. Are located somehow very close to each other. Sometimes you can accidentally press both. Also not rattling.

On the back there is supposedly a leather insert with a stitching a la LG G4.

The name of the manufacturer is engraved on the side. Two torx screws hold the metal frame.

The opposite side is completely analogous to the previous one, only here is the engraving of the name of the device.

On top is a solid steel connector with a brass or gold-plated spring-loaded pin. It did not succeed in deforming it with various atoms. Connector platform can accommodate an atomizer, probably of any diameter.

Nearby is a microUSB-port for firmware device. It is covered with a silicone plug and a metal cover, which is fixed with two torx screws. Screwdriver in the set did not come up. Built-in charging is not. Although, with such a hemorrhoids access to the microUSB-port it is there to see it and would not want to.

At the bottom of the box, the battery compartment cover.

To extract it, you need to raise the lamb and, in fact, unscrew it.

On the inside of the lid there is an o-ring.

Threads of high quality. Problems with twisting / unwinding, as it happens in the modes with a similar solution, no.

Inside the compartment, mark the correct location of the battery.

Eats Aegis either from one battery 26650, or from 18650 with the help of a complete adapter.

Geekvape Aegis 100W TC Box Mod
Card Features
Power Rating: 100W
Max. Voltage: 9V ± 0.1V
Operating temperature range: -40 ° C to 80 ° C
Battery discharge up to 3.3V ± 0.1V
Thermal control on nickel, steel, titanium and TCR
Supported resistance range: Power and Bypass – 0.05 – 3 Ω / TC-NI – 0.05 – 0.8 Ω / TC-SS – 0.05 – 1.65 Ω / TC-TI – 0.05 – 1.1 Ω
Temperature range in TC mode: 100 ° C – 300 ° C / 200 ° F – 600 ° F

Earlier I did not encounter boxmodes from Geekvape and the first acquaintance left a positive impression. I did not see any flaws in the quality of the work. According to the manufacturer, the delay is minuscule 0.015 seconds. Whether it triggers autosuggestion, whether the start of the roast is really instant. Unfortunately, the board does not have a wide range of options. Navigation in the menu is convenient. By pressing the “Fire” three times, the modes change, and once – change the parameters. From the third-party settings, only the brightness adjustment of the display is available and the “±” buttons are locked. And about the modes, of which 7, now briefly tell.

Power – varivatt. The screen displays power, battery indicator, resistance, current strength, voltage and number of puffs / time of the last tightening. In the varivatta device without problems copes with the winding of 0.09 Ohm. The resistance of the coil changes only during tightening. On DNA, for example, that in idle time, that at the moment of tightening, the actual resistance of the build is always displayed. You can lock it and reset it, after which the mod will fix the current resistance. Cut-off after 10 seconds.
TC-NI / TC-SS / TC-TI – Thermal control on nickel, steel and titanium. The same settings are available as in the previous mode. You can not adjust the TCR.
TCR – and here already the temperature coefficient is adjusted.
VPC – heating curve. Available 5 divisions in 1 second increments. During tightening, the point on the graph moves in accordance with the previously set power. The transition from one division to another is smooth.
Bypass – Mehmode mode. You can also lock and drop resistance.

Crash test

Geekvape Aegis Box mod, as you already read in the cap, is protected by the standards of MIL STD 810G-516.6 and IP67, which means resistance to short-term immersion in water, protection against ingress of dust into the body and painless drops from a small height without any consequences. The warranty does not cover internal failures due to the user’s fault, so do not disassemble it without special need. The network already has a huge variety of all kinds of bullying over this device. That in liquid nitrogen is dipped, then the machine moves. Honestly, it’s not that much and I want to sway in the trash of the modes, so I will limit myself to water procedures and falls at home.
Let’s start with the test with water. He put it for 20 minutes in the basin. This will be enough to check how it behaves in the rain, when falling in a puddle, a fountain or other not deep accumulations of water. The battery is inside, the device is turned on.

At the end of the bath we observe an unpleasant picture – the water got into the interior, but this did not affect the working capacity. In the battery compartment nothing stranger penetrated.

Analysis of Geekvape Aegis Mod occupation is not simple. The glossy panel is held on a double-sided tape. Fears were in vain – a drop of water accumulated on a protective plastic plate.

Go ahead. This plate is in turn fastened to a silicone sealant. It tore even harder. There are no traces of moisture on the board. It can be concluded that the presence of water under the front panel is not a verdict. The more often in attacks of paranoia will disassemble the mode after immersion in water, the higher the probability of depressurization of the shell.

After that, he dropped a dozen times, imitating the various situations in which this is possible. There are no deformations on the body of the tracks. Yes, laminate is not asphalt, but on the same crash tests from the network of deplorable consequences, too, was not.

Comparison of dimensions and fitting

Snowwolf 200C, Geekvape Aegis, LostVape Therion 166.


Geekvape Aegis 100W TC Box Mod
Protection against falls, dust and water
Quality board
Brutal appearance in the compartment with comfortable ergonomics
Use with batteries 26650 and 18650
The solid connector. It is able to place almost any atoms on itself.

Not the most ideal assembly
Rubber inserts are instantly spoiled
Lack of charging through box-box
Water can still penetrate into the body

In the previous review from greed811 boxmode, after getting moisture, did not turn on. I did not have such a problem. Because we are dealing with the miracle of the Chinese industry and everyone is familiar with their floating manufacturing quality, do not put grandiose hopes that this device will survive 100%. A certain share of the probability of a lamentable outcome is still present. However, despite this, there are simply no alternatives to Aegis. With it, you can go fishing, hunting, dusty plant / garage, camping, and any other place without fear of dropping it into the water, dirt, on the asphalt or trite not to worry about the leaked liquid from the atom. We can only hope that the trend for the protected devices will be picked up by all manufacturers and this will be an integral part of each new product. Rusty is where. For example, to rid the microUSB port of a ton of stubs in the same way as in smartphones.
Thanks to all.

The Geekvape Aegis Mod is provided for writing a review by the store. The review was published in accordance with paragraph 18 of the Site Rules.

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Geekvape Aegis Box Mod – The Details You Need To Know

Design & Appearance

The Geekvape Aegis box mod is designed by Justin, Geekvape GM, with the chief designer of Heatvape Invader mini. The Aegis is a tough and legendary TC box mod that has a cylindrical shape with a flat back and curved front thus it cannot roll off the position in which it was kept. It is a very portable product which is coated with leather and zinc alloy materials with a dimension of 8.80 x 4.50 x 3.50 cm and it weighs only 203 grams.

The top of this mod contains the 510 connector and venting holes while the flat back contains the fire button, function buttons, and display screen. This box mod can be comfortably held with your first two fingers, kept in your breast pocket and carried along through any distance as it weighs as much as an average smartphone. This product is currently available in brown and black colours.

Geekvape Aegis Box Mod
Hardware & Performance

The Geekvape Aegis 100W box mod is designed with one of the most advanced chips which feature a real rated power and instantaneous firing (0.015 seconds). It runs up to 100W with single 18650 or 26650 battery. It is the most robust vape mod with MIL STD 810G – 510.6 military grade proof and is robust thus you don’t have to worry about it getting scratched, soiled or broken by accident. The box mod is designed to be waterproof, shockproof and dustproof by adopting an advanced LSR injection molding technology. With IP67 waterproof/dustproof function, you are allowed to carry this device to the beach or go fishing, swimming, boating, kayaking, and any other water park activities. It is able to withstand a dirty environment and can be easily cleaned.


The Geekvape Aegis 100W box mod is designed to produce a maximum power of 100W, however, it has a power range between 5 – 100W. This product comes with a Temperature Control Function (TCF) which regulates the output temperature between 100 – 300 Deg.C. TCF function does miracles in enhancing e-juice flavor. Temperature control provides the choice of setting how hot you want the coils to be. It comes with a resistance of 0.1 – 3 ohms and a 510 thread.

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