How about Smoant S8 Pod

Within the package, we have now the S8 pod system positioned in a Styrofoam holder, and close to it, a smaller package that contains a very short mini-USB cable for asking and a plastic, refillable needle bottle, for refilling the pods. We also have a bunch of coaching and alert credit cards contained in the box, which Make sure you read through before utilizing the S8 for the first time.

Style and Build Top quality

The USB adhere-like form of the JUUL seems to be really preferred among producers, but Smoant decided to go with anything new and fresh, something that would help their product stand above the massive competition. Some individuals compare its shape to that relating to a clamshell, while others say it appears similar to a slick face powder set. Smoant says its shape was inspired by iconic sports activity cars like Ferrari LaFerrari or perhaps the Lamborghini Reventon and identifies it as a “the supercar from the vape world”.

I say it’s a thin oval with slightly elongated ends if that helps make any feeling. That doesn’t seem very remarkable, nevertheless, the simple and sleek form of the Smoant S8 actually is very classy. I’m not quite an expert with regards to pod system design and style, however, in my minimal encounter, the S8 is definitely among the best seeking – or even the best seeking – pod vaporizers on the market.

The S8 pod system is 86.6mm extended, 48mm broad at its largest point, and just 12mm heavy, which makes it among the thinnest vaping devices available right now, together with one of its best rivals, the Suorin Airflow. Nevertheless, the Smoant pod program has a bit more excess weight with it, which provides it a top-quality feel within the hands.

The S8 currently only comes in glossy black, and Smoant hasn’t declared whether other color variants and fresh paint types will likely be accessible later on. It’s a fingerprint magnet, nevertheless the lustrous complete fits the slick, stylish look from the gadget.

Similar to most other pod techniques, the Smoant S8 doesn’t function any actual physical buttons, relying rather on a pull-undefine stimulated switch to trigger the battery. Instead of needing to push a button, all you have to do is draw on the mouthpiece as well as the built-in battery power will quickly heat up the coil inside the replaceable pod.

The absence of physical switches affords the S8 it’s clean and sleek appear. The only real significant factors are definitely the golden Smoant logo correct in the middle of the unit, the “Designed by Smoant” in the back, and the inconspicuous mini-USB dock on the side of the vaporizer.

When you remove the plastic-type pod the first time, you notice the “inner workings” of the S8 usually are not much different than those of Surorin Atmosphere or other comparable vaping techniques. You may have two circular magnets that keep the pod from falling off, two metallic connectors, and a little slot at the center, which conceals the pull-undefined activated indicator. Additionally, you will notice two flashing lights every time you take-off of the pod. This serves several uses, which we’ll go although later on.

The plastic-type pods can also be much like those of the Suorin Airflow. The mouthpiece, the fruit juice reservoir, along with the coil and cotton wicking are all included in the same unit, which links towards the S8 vaporizer via magnets. Air pit in the mouthpiece is quite restricted, as it is the orifice on the back of the pod – whereby atmosphere arrives through – which means you should expect a good, cigarette-like pull. There’s absolutely no way to alter this, in case you’re trying to find something airier, perhaps think about another pod program.

On the back of the pods, we have similar magnets and magnetic connectors as on the S8 battery, only as opposed to those LED lights on the sides, we have a rubberized cover which can be raised to show the fill-up port. The pods must be packed before they can be employed, so ensure you also get some e-liquid, if this sounds like your first vaping device. To load the pod, just pull back the rubberized cap, insert the needle of the juice container into the reservoir whilst being sure that you leave some area for the atmosphere inside of to flee. As soon as it’s complete, put the cover back in, hook the pod to the electric battery, and hold out a short while before vaping, to ensure that the 100 % cotton wicking is nice and saturated.

Battery Life and General Performance

The Smoant S8 pod program comes with a built-in 370 mAh electric battery, which probably appears to be abysmal if you think about that many single battery advanced mods have a minimum of 2,000 mAh life of the battery. But evaluating pod systems to mods just isn’t honest. They may be two totally different vaping devices targeted at various kinds of vapers. Pod methods are primarily designed to fit the requirements of clean ex-people who smoke looking for a smoke cigarettes-undefined totally free substitute. They don’t need plenty of battery power to do that.

As an example, the coils within the S8 pods possess an opposition of 1.3 ohms, which coupled with the 3.3V – 3.4V output of the vaporizer produces between 7W and 12W of energy. Most sophisticated mods can produce over 200W so that they demand big batteries, but pod systems do not. They create very little strength, so 370 mAh can realistically serve you for a user a whole day time without needing to recharge.

To find out the amount of life of the battery you have left, all you need to do is keep an eye on those LED lights I described previously. When battery lifespan is over 30undefinedPercent, they will light up azure each time you attract on the S8. When the life of the battery droplets under 30undefinedPercent, the lights will transform reddish, signaling the necessity to recharge.

While charging you, when battery lifespan is under 70undefined%, the lighting will blink red-colored, and when it surpasses 70undefinedPercent, they will blink light blue. After the battery power is fully billed, the blue light-weight will stay on entirely.

Here’s the one thing about these light signals, however. Since the pods are constructed from a tinted plastic-type, and also the LEDs are lights up under the pod, it’s sort of difficult to see the. It’s no big deal, however, they might have definitely developed a much better method.

The S8 pod program also has some built-in safety measures. When the product picks up a short-circuit, or if the pod doesn’t connect towards the electric battery effectively, the LED lights will flash red 5 times. I’ve been using the S8 for any 30 days now, and I’ve experienced no these kinds of problems, but it’s nice to know it has some protection in place.

The S8 can handle vaping although charging, so you can theoretically utilize it as a passthrough, but that mini-USB cable tv is so brief you won’t have the ability to take the unit to your oral cavity without unplugging from whatever power supply you’re using.

When it comes to vaping overall performance, the Smoant S8 is really quite remarkable because of its size. What really makes it special inside my reserve is the fact it’s the very first regulated pod system I’ve ever attempted. Many other very similar products draw strength completely from the battery, so as the voltage from the battery gradually falls, so does the power output. That means you’re not getting exactly the same vaping encounter all the time, but the S8 is unique.

In accordance with the provided end-user guide, the Smoant S8 operates inside the 3.3.V – 3.4V array constantly, so irrespective of how a lot of life of the battery you may have kept, you’ll still take pleasure in the exact same vaping encounter each time you draw into it. That’s a huge deal with my book, and I expect other suppliers to follow match making use of their long term pod methods.

Smoant advises using the S8 pod method with 70VG/30VG e-liquid but cautions that more than 40% PG content material can make the fruit juice to water and trigger seeping. That hasn’t occurred in my opinion though. I used a number of that 50VG/50PG fruit juice from Vape Superstore, and the pod was as dry as bone tissue. So definitely attempt to stick to the manufacturer’s recommendations, but realize that PG-weighty e-fluids should function fine too.

Vapor creation is very good for this type of vaping gadget. You won’t succeed any cloud-chasing competition with the S8, however, it sets out much more vapor than most cigar likes and also other pod techniques, like the JUUL. Taste is ok as well I can’t say I’ve been blown away by how good some fruit juices flavor, but it’s above typical and enough to help keep individuals from going back to cigarette smoking.

The attract is a lot tighter than I’m utilized to – I like immediate lung vaping – but when you’re just coming off cigs, it should feel very common. Smoant has done a great job emulating the smoking encounter.

Another thing I love regarding the S8 pod system is how stealthy it really is. Not only does it comfortably fit in the tiniest of adult palms, however, it barely helps make any noise if you use it. It is possible to barely hear the coil sizzling in the plastic-type pod, plus it makes no whistling seem once you pull.


The Smoant S8 is certainly one of many better pod techniques I’ve reviewed. I can see it giving devices such as the Atopack Penguin a operate for funds, as well as dethrone the Suorin Air flow since the king of the slick pod methods. I love the design of it, the reality that it fires in a steady voltage variety no matter battery lifespan, and the small attract is reminiscent of cigarette smoking, which makes it an excellent option for clean ex-cigarette smokers.

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About GeekVape Zeus X RTA’s Review

The GeekVape Zeus is probably the most well-known RTA series inside the past of vaping, with a few moving in terms of contacting it legendary. Following two memorable iterations, the Chinese producer has come forth with the Zeus X, the “final model from the Zeus series”. It’s a tremendous best-airflow RTA that guarantees a leak-proof vaping experience, easy coil mounting, and outstanding flavor. That sounds interesting, but then again it might just be intense advertising, so let’s take a look and discover in the event the new GeekVape Zeus X RTA is really as incredible as its producer promises.

A peek at the Contents The Zeus X will come in a small cardboard package published in GeekVape’s now-classic black and orange configuration, having a image from the RTA more than a thunderous track record on the entrance, along with a short explanation, a listing of package deal items, business contact details as well as a damage and look validity sticker around the back.

Inside the box, we have now the Zeus X RTA sitting down snug within a black color Styrofoam holder, close to a reduced box where you’ll discover the majority of the included components. They consist of a spare glass area, some extra o-wedding rings, substitute grub screws for that create deck, an Ultem 810 drip idea, a 510 adapter for fans of the old 510 drip tips, an Allen key, a GeekVpe triple screwdriver, prepared-to-wick cotton strips, as well as 2 N80 fused Clapton coils. At the bottom of the container, you’ll also find a consumer handbook along with other reading substance.

This is certainly just about the most generous RTA systems I’ve seen in a while. Most RTAs nowadays don’t even consist of pre-produced coils, not to mention a second drip suggestion along with a 510 adapter. Properly carried out, GeekVape, I guess!

Design and Build Top quality The new GeekVape Zeus is actually a beefy-searching atomizer, especially with that pre-installed bubble-glass. It measures 47.8mm through the drip-idea to the bottom of the 510 pins and it is 29mm in diameter (using the bubble glass). If that’s too fat for you, just change to the traditional glass section, and you can slim it as a result of 25mm. Just realize that you’ll additionally be reducing the fruit juice capability from 4.5ml to 3.5ml by performing that.

Design and style-sensible, the Zeus is quite awesome looking, with this reduced-user profile 810 Delrin drip idea, an enormous top cap and also the famous Zeus emblem on the chimney. Its insides are even cooler, but we’ll go into that afterward. Mine came in a rainbow color, which actually appears pretty good on my own new Eleaf iStick Rim, but if you discover it to conspicuous, it’s also available in black color, azure, stainless-steel, reddish, red&black, and gunmetal.

Starting up on the very best, we now have that Delrin drip-tip I pointed out, which, while very great-searching, isn’t really the best suggestion. I really like to cover my lips across the drip-tip once I vape, but there’s not a lot to seize on this RTA, and so i discover my mouth coming in contact with the top cover virtually every time. Granted, I’ve never used up my lip area vaping the Zeus X, but then again I only used it in individual-coil mode, at about 45W, therefore it didn’t become very very hot. But there’s definitely a chance of this in the event you ramp the power and chain-vape.

Then we hold the top cover sitting on the top of the filling dock, as well as an airflow diamond ring on the outside. To gain access to both fill ports, you need to half-convert the best cap counter-clockwise and then lift it up. The situation with this is the fact it’s simple to accidentally get it done when you’re changing the airflow. The airflow engagement ring is a pretty filter, so plenty of instances you accidentally hold the top cover as well. I actually have tiny fingers and that i always make sure I only seize the airflow ring, but I see plenty of customers getting difficulties with the very best cap approaching away when they least assume it. They could have probably identified a means to secure the top cap in place, but it is what it is.

we have the chimney hooking up the top of the reservoir to the bottom, along with the glass area. At the bottom, we only have a changeable, precious metal-plated 510 pin. But there’s actually a lot taking place internally.

Those two massive airflow slots on the top of the Zeus X RTA are slanted in a 45 education position and guide the environment to the chimney, which also has a more compact chimney section on the inside with lots of punctured airflow slots placed properly within the coils. Then we have a really interesting build deck that creates setting up coil a breeze. the fruit juice should sit correctly beneath the create deck, with the cotton prospects achieving directly into feed liquid to the coils. It’s a cool style, but you still have to pay attention when wicking the coils to ensure the deck doesn’t get bombarded.

That 2nd chimney I mentioned has two reduce-outs towards the bottom, which line-up with a couple of notches in the base of the Zeus X, making certain the airflow holes are placed right within the coil/coils. The truth is it doesn’t lock in place in any respect. You just need to line-up the notches with the minimize-outs, then assembles the remainder of the container. I’ve never had any issues with it falling off or being misaligned, however, it does seem to be a bit loosened when you’re adding the whole thing with each other.

The main quality of the Zeus X build deck is versatility. Thanks to the clever post style, you can easily snip the coil qualified prospects beneath the deck, and in addition it foliage plenty of free space for your coils, allowing an individual to choose a single or dual coil set-up. I opted for the former, but you can easily suit two reasonable size coils on right here. Just make sure to line up them in a way they don’t feel the chimney that will go within the deck.

As is always the case with RTAs, wicking is essential to your adequate vaping encounter. In cases like this, you want to depart your coil qualified prospects for enough time so they achieve into the juice well under the deck, but only just. Leaving them too extended isn’t going to make them wick much better, quite the contrary, and reducing them too brief indicates you’ll have to tilt the tank, therefore, the e-water actually reaches the cotton. It’s really not that difficult, but you may need a second try if you’re a beginner.

In general, the Zeus X is actually a nice, robust atomizer which presents some fascinating style suggestions, just like the slanted airflow slot machines, the perforated chimney portion, and also a very flexible build deck. It will have a few imperfections or imperfections, should you will, but nothing that can be described as a deal-breaker.

How It Vapes When you can get past its minor shortcomings, you will discover the GeekVape Zeus X is a rather impressive product. Looking at the “leakproof” qualities to the outstanding flavor it generates, this thing surprised the heck away from me. It’s been a little while since I’ve used a top-notch airflow RTA – if I’m not mistaken the Augvape Ingestion RTA was the last one I reviewed, and this was last summer – and honestly I’ve never really been an enormous fan of these, mainly because the flavor I got from them didn’t really meet my expectations. Using the noteworthy different of the OBS Motor, I always preferred the bottom part airflow RTA’s. But the Zeus X is really something else.

There is certainly just something about the way the airflow is designed with this reservoir – using the air coming in with the slot machines in a 45 degree perspective, and striking the coils through these punctured slots on the inner chimney, and striking the coils before heading up from the chimney and into your oral cavity – that produces some damn flavorful clouds of vapor. It’s hard for me to illustrate just how excellent it is, but if you’re a flavor chaser like me personally, I suggest you try it out.

Vapor manufacturing depends upon what type of development you might have installed, but despite one of the coils included in the kit, at about 40W – 50W, you get a lot of vapor. I’m positive it will even better in twin-coil mode, but I wasn’t curious to try it for myself.

Should I were to grumble about anything at all, it would need to become the noises from the attract. The Zeus X’s enormous airflow slot machines could get pretty noisy when they’re large open, but it’s really not that big of the offer. In addition, you receive used it eventually.

Conclusion I hadn’t used either of the earlier Zeus RTAs, so I didn’t truly know what you should expect, but the new Zeus X really blew me away featuring its impressive performance. It’s not perfect, not by way of an extended-photo, in fact, its iffy top cap and less than perfect machining ma place some users off, but when it comes to flavor, this can be definitely among the best, if not the best top airflow RTA I’ve ever employed. It’s definitely a great addition to the range, and when this is certainly the “final edition”, as it says on the container, at least it’s venturing out inside the blaze of glory.

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Reasons Why People Buy Wall Mounted Shower Seat

There is no denying that special needs individuals usually benefit enormously from bath aids like commodes, bath stools, shower chairs, shower transfer benches, and wall mounted shower seats. In this post, we are going to focus on wall mounted shower seats.

These seats come with immense benefits to the user. Of course, they are not actually mobile, but because they are harnessed firmly to the bathroom wall, these seats offer users the flexibility of using them especially when there is need to shower while seated, and when there is a need to fold them up against the shower wall whenever they are not being used.

The fact that you can effortlessly fold these seats against the wall whenever you are not using them helps in creating ample space for non-seat users or for other activities.

People who benefit from wall mounted shower seats

Wall Mount Shower Seat

White Wall Mount Shower Seat

Wall mounted shower seats are among the most useful bathroom aids and they can be a necessity sometimes. They make life easier for a number of people who fall in these categories.1.Elderly people

Mounted shower walls can be very beneficial to elderly people, especially those who are no longer comfortable showering while standing, or those who have mobility issues. If you are a senior citizen with mobility issues, or if you have an elderly parent who needs to sit while showering, then you should buy wall mounted shower seats and fix them immediately. It will not only make life easier, but it will also reduce the possibilities of accidents such as falling in the bathroom.

2.The almost permanently disabled persons

Almost permanently disabled persons will definitely find it very difficult to take a shower while standing and they may be forced to either sit or lie down on the bathroom flow. This can make showering an extremely stressful activity. With wall mounted shower seat, all such a person needs is to find his or her way to the bathroom and get to the seat. Just like that, they will be able to shower comfortably and enjoy the moment.3. Expectant mothers

Standing for long or bending can be the most difficult thing to do for some expectant mothers. This is also true when it comes to taking a bath. Wall mounted shower seats allow expectant mothers to shower comfortably while seated and relaxed. This also reduces stress and any possible accidents that may occur in the bathroom.

Bathroom Wall Mounted Shower Seat With Legs

Bathroom Wall Mounted Shower Seat With Legs

4.Those with back injuries

People with back injuries may not be able to bend nor remain standing. And even if they are able to do so, it can increase their chances of worsening the situation. So, it is necessary that they take a shower while seated comfortable. Good thing is, a wall mounted shower seat will make this very possible and fun.

5.Those recovering from dislocated, broken or fractured bones

This category of people may not be able to bend, stand, or move easily without potentially interfering with the bones that are recovering. This means that they should not shower while standing. So, wall mounted shower seats are very necessary for them.

Wall Mounted Shower Seats | Folding Shower Seats | Commercial …
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