Vladdin RE Review |REfillable and REliable Pod System


Vladdin came on to the vape scene not too long ago. Their pod vape was originally released as a closed system, but there’s recently been a change of plans. It now also takes refillable pods, utilizing a ceramic heating system for added longevity. The battery is 350 mAh and charges via micro-USB.

The Vladdin RE is designed for nic salts but can be used with regular e-juice as well. It has a lightweight and sleek design that makes it convenient for travel. I’ve tested a few pod systems with ceramic coils but was never completely satisfied. Let’s see what the Vladdin RE offers…

Price: $27.95 , Check it here Vladdin Device RE Full Kit

Colors: black, gold, rainbow, chrome


  • Dimensions – 90.32 x 19.04 x 11.4 mm
  • Integrated 350 mAh rechargeable battery
  • Maximum wattage output: 12 W
  • Output voltage: 3.5 V
  • Coil resistance: 1.2-1.5 ohms
  • Coil material: ceramic coil
  • Refillable 1.5 mL pod juice capacity
  • Proprietary top-fill pods – silicone stopper
  • Magnetic connection
  • Drawing activated firing
  • LED battery indicator light
  • Micro USB port

Kit Content

  • Vladdin RE device
  • Vladdin RE replacement pod
  • Warning card
  • User manual
  • USB charging cable

Build quality & design

Vladdin RE

The Vladdin RE is extremely light. It weighs out to 20 grams, which is only 6 grams heavier than the JUUL! That’s impressive, especially considering it’s a bit taller and wider. The device has a futuristic curvy design with defined edges. Its ergonomic shape sits well in your fingers.

My Vladdin RE came with an elegent charcoal matte finish, but it comes in three other options including gold, rainbow and chrome. The overall construction is good. It doesn’t feel like a luxurious device, but maintains a nice balance between functional and stylish. It has an LED light that lights up when you vape but unfortunately there is no battery life indicator, one of its cons.

The refillable pods hold 1.5 mL of liquid, which is larger than most pod systems. The top cap comes off easily with a little squeeze to reveal a silicon plug. Once you remove the plug there are two fill holes, which work fine with unicorn bottles, but can get a little messy with droppers. When filling, be sure to use the side holes, not the chimney in the middle.

The pods snap into the battery using a gold-plated magnet. It doesn’t make an audible click, but it does make a strong connection. They have a narrow window for liquid level detection. The mouthpiece feels nice on the lips and stays on tightly. It’s time to fill it up and have a vape.


Vladdin RE
Classic black

The Vladdin RE gives off a tight mouth to lung vape comparable to the JUUL, but with a little more restrictiveness. You can barely get away with a restrictive lung hit on it. A white LED light illuminates as you puff and it’s draw-activated, so no buttons to get confused with. It produces a consistent puff up until the very end before it cuts off. If you’re going to use this as your main device, it makes sense to buy two batteries — one to charge while the other is in use.

The device offers a consistent vape — the pods always maintain a solid connection. It produces a pretty decent cloud too for its size. I’m really enjoying the flavor I get out of these ceramic coils. I tried it out with some 50 mg nic salt and it provided a great throat hit. I also tested it with some max-VG e-juice. It wasn’t as flavorful, but at least I didn’t get any dry or burnt hits. In my testing, it performed best with high-strength 50/50 blends, but it’s good to know it can handle pretty much any e-juice you can throw at it.

The pod capacity is good too, considering I get almost a day out of one refill. The battery doesn’t get me through a full day, but it charges in less than an hour. The cut-off time seems a bit shorter than I’m used to, but you aren’t going to be taking huge puffs with high-strength liquids anyway. With lower-strength e-juice, you are going to end up chain vaping on this thing.

I have been using the same pod for about a week now, and I haven’t noticed any drop off in flavor yet. It’s performing very strong for such a tiny device. The pods haven’t leaked either, aside from normal condensation. Aside from that, there has been no gurgling or spitback at all.

Vladdin Device RE kit

Pros / Cons

  • Consistent performance
  • No dry hits or leaking
  • True MTL draw
  • Lightweight and ergonomic
  • Micro USB charging
  • 1.5 mL pod capacity
  • No battery life indication
  • Battery doesn’t last a full day
  • Not ideal for dropper bottles


Overall, the Vladdin RE was dependable. You don’t need to do any tricks or hacks to get it to hit properly. It just works, every time. I wasn’t expecting much from this little thing, but I have to say I’m quite impressed. It’s definitely worth the price for a solid refillable pod system.

I wish the battery had a larger capacity with some kind of battery life indication. But I still get a more consistent vape with the Vladdin than a lot of similar devices in its price range. I’d recommend it to a smoker who’s serious about making the switch or fans of refillable pod systems. What do you think about the Vladdin RE? Leave a comment and share your thoughts.

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Aspire Speeder Revvo Kit Review – Speed Vaper

For anyone who caught a glimpse of the Aspire Speeder, fell in love with the design, but felt that the colorways were a bit too drab, now is the time for a second look with the release of the Aspire Speeder Revvo. Now featuring an updated selection of more exciting color options as well as the inclusion of the brand new Revvo tank, this kit supports a brand new and original coil technology patented by Aspire themselves.

The new ARC (Aspire Radial Coil) mimics a stove top coil design that promises an increased surface area for even more flavor and bigger vapor production. Let’s check out the details of the kit below and see if it lives up to its promises.

Review: Aspire Speeder Revvo kit

Aspire Speeder Revvo Review

Manufacturing Quality

While the Aspire Speeder Revvo might look like a carbon copy of its older brother albeit with different color options, it brings a few improvements to the table. For starters, the rubberized material that was found on the OG Speeder has been updated with a grippier and more textured PU leather finish that feels even better to hold, improves your sense of tactility when vaping, as well giving a nice premium feel to the mod.

The new colorways of the Aspire Speeder Revvo definitely add a bit of punch to the sometimes dull color options of the OG Speeder. Available in leather options of blue, red, or brown, while the options aren’t as plentiful as other competitors offerings, they’re still a welcome addition to this lineup.

Everything else about the OG Speeder seems to have remained the same, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The OLED display while a bit small when compared to box devices in the same size and performance category still manages to hold its own thanks to its bright and crisp display.

The layout is also well designed making full use of the limited space which just goes to prove that bigger displays aren’t necessarily better. All the information you need to know about the Aspire Speeder Revvo such as device status, battery life, and current vaping mode is neatly displayed in a bright and easy to read font which is also legible when viewed in direct sunlight.

Aspire Speeder Revvo available colors

The Aspire Speeder Revvo also uses the same excellent 510 connection that the OG Speeder had, excellently facilitating a strong connection between the mod and the included Revvo tank. There is no gap to be found when securing the tank to the mod and thanks to the well-machined parts, there are hardly any burrs or imperfections on the threading that might make removal or installation of the tank difficult.

The fire button feels more or less identical to the previous iteration’s which is great as its both satisfying and easy to press, offering sufficient tactile feedback upon activation of the mod.

Flavor Quality

Take note that we are venturing into the realm of the relatively unknown when vaping with Aspire’s brand-new ARC coils. While these coils feature a design that might be recognized by vaping enthusiasts and hardcore DIY vapers as a custom stove top coil, it does so much more in terms of overall flavor and vapor production thanks to the much better build quality and tighter tolerances in the construction of the new coil design.

Recent trends in coil design have been all about maximizing the surface area where e-liquid is vaporized. While the new mesh and strip coils that have been recently been popping up in various kits have more or less delivered on this promise, I feel that the new ARC coils hold a notable improvement over these two.

The material used to construct the ARC coils are thicker as well as having a proper design to improve and facilitate the airflow within the tank. This was one major weakness of mesh coils as airflow had a tendency to be erratic or inconsistent despite the improved vaporization of e-liquid.

The ARC coils also use a new design to wick and saturate the coils with e-liquid. A spring-loaded gasket acts as the filling port allowing for easy refills but at the same time creating a leak-free solution for an even better and hassle-free vaping experience.

Power Flexibility

With the Aspire Speeder Revvo being powered up by dual 18650 batteries, the 200-watt maximum isn’t surprising at all. There is virtually zero firing delay upon pressing the fire button.

Adding the quick and almost non-existent ramp-up time to reach your desired wattage, makes the Aspire Speeder Revvo a pretty compelling kit for heavy power users.

Given the mod’s capabilities, it should be no surprise that temperature control, adjustable pre-heat, and customizable TCR modes are readily available.

Temperature control supports vaping with stainless steel, nickel, and titanium coils, while the pre-heat function is a godsend when vaping with bigger coils that are more slow to heat up initially.

Aspire Speeder Revvo flat display

Ease of Use

Thanks to the newly designed spring-loaded top fill mechanism of the Revvo tank, filling up the tank with your e-liquid of choice is as easy as 1, 2, 3 as well as mess-free. The tank holds up to 3.5ml of e-liquid which might feel a bit lacking especially for a kit with power capabilities as extensive as this, so that’s something that can definitely do with some tweaking in future revisions of the tank.

The Aspire Speeder Revvo mod itself is just as simple to operate as its older brother. A simple 5 clicks on the fire button turns the device on and off with 3 clicks giving you access to the easy-to-navigate menu.

Getting the device is far from difficult as well thanks to the awesome documentation and manual that Aspire includes with the kit leaving nothing explained and battery installation is pain-free thanks to the clearly labeled polarity indicators that let you know the proper orientation of installing the batteries.


Thanks to its symmetrical design, the Aspire Speeder Revvo easily fits in medium to larger sized pockets. While it’s definitely not a mod that can easily squish into your slim-fit jeans, it can fit practically anywhere else without being too heavy.

The entire kit is far from being too tall as well with a maximum height of 130mm with the included Revvo tank installed.

Battery life easily outstrips the longevity of more portable kits thanks to the dual battery design, easily lasting from 1 to 2 days of heavy vaping regardless of how high your chosen power settings are.

While the mod features a micro USB cable that supports in-device charging, its always recommended using a separate external charger when dealing with multi-battery devices to ensure safe and balanced charging of the cells.

Aspire Speeder Revvo back side

Overall Experience

The Aspire Speeder Revvo definitely brings a breath of fresh air into a powerful yet tired-looking kit. Fans of leather finishes will find a lot to like about this device thanks to its svelte premium feel.

The ARC coils are definitely a strong improvement over the mesh coils that have been recently taking over the market and hopefully we see more of these in future kits to come.

The Aspire Typhon Revvo certainly isn’t the most good looking device on the market, nor does it offer that premium “oomph” that most of us look for in our devices. But if you’re willing to look past that, it offers solid vaping performance with exceptional battery life. It’s relatively easy to operate as well, making it a solid option for budding beginners and seasoned vapers alike.

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Aspire Speeder Revvo Kit

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