Smok X-PRIV Review – Large High Definition 2-inch Glass Screen

Smok X-Priv Review: Bottom LineThe Smok X-Priv has a full high definition 2-inch glass screen with the newest UI-Interface from Smok. It houses dual 18650 batteries with a powerful 225 watts of maximum output. It is packed with safety features and support for temperature control mode.

Smok X-Priv Box Mod: Background

The newest kit line-up from Smok, The X-Priv Box Mod . It has a full high definition screen, a large 2-inch glass design display that users can take advantage of its easy to use new UI-interface.

The Smok X-Priv Box Mod is very powerful Vaping Device with a 225 watts of maximum power that houses dual external batteries

Smok x-priv review background
Full Gold Color Option for Smok X-Priv

What’s in the Box?

What will you get on Smok X-Priv Kit?

  • 1x Smok X-Priv 225W Box Mod
  • Smok TFV12 Prince Sub-Ohm Tank
    • Q4 Coil Head
    • T10 Coil Head
  • User Manual
  • Replacement Parts
  • USB Cable
Smok x-priv review package

Key Features of the Smok X-Priv

What are the key features of Smok X-Priv?

Smok X-Priv Box Mod

  • 2″ HD Glass Display – Probably the best feature of The Smok G-Priv having a Large Full-Screen High Definition glass display, designed to have a clear and colorful user-interface.
  • Durable USB Cable  – Unlike any typical USB Cable for a vaping device, The Smok X-Priv Kit has a very durable USB Cable, it has a full covered protective coat for flexibility and springs to avoid damage.
  • Ergonomic Design – It has a soft curve edges that promote a more comfortable grip, a large firing button, and up and down button located at the bottom corner that ensures an ergonomic vaping device.
  • 225W of Max Power – A very powerful device that can fire-up any possible Sub-Ohm resistance builds, 225 watts of maximum output is enough to handle your cloud chasing needs.
  • Easy to Use Interface – The Smok X-Priv has a newly designed UI-interface that is easy to use with its detailed vaping information that can track battery life, wattage, and different modes.
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Design of the Smok X-Priv

Aside from the performance, the best thing that I really like about the Smok X-Priv is its overall aesthetics. Having a full-screen glass front design with a large 2-inch display, it looks very modern and feels like a real quality device that will match any Atomizer that you can pair with it.

The curve edges will provide a good grip while using this device, The overall dimension is slim that can fit anywhere you keep it.

Smok x-priv review design
Honey Comb Pattern on the back

Performance: Smok X-Priv Review

The overall performance will be strong with a 225 wattsof maximum output. The Smok X-Priv has a temperature control mode that supports Nickel, Titanium, and Stainless Steel.

It houses dual 18650 Batteries that will be a big help firing-up sub-ohm builds, it also has 2 battery life indicator so you can monitor each while vaping. It has multiple safety protection such as short circuit protection, overheating protection, over discharge protection etc.

Smok x-priv review performance
Powerful Performance on Smok X-Priv

Smok X-Priv Box Mod VS Similar Mods

What is the key difference of Smok X-Priv Box Mod to other Devices?

  • Eleaf Tessera Box Mod vs Smok X-Priv Box Mod – The Eleaf Tessera Box Mod is more of a vaping device for Beginners while the Smok X-Priv has more advanced options that can be used for a powerful set-up.
  • Smoant Ranker Box Mod vs Smok X-Priv Box Mod – The Smok X-Priv Box Mod has a more simple design and slimmer dimension compared to Smoant Ranker Box Mod that can be more comfortable while using.

Final Thoughts on The Smok X-Priv Review

The Smok X-Priv  is definitely a slim but powerful Vaping Device, with a 225 watts of maximum output that is way strong enough for any of your Sub-Ohm builds.

A simple full glass design that looks classy and ergonomic edges that will feel very comfortable in hands while using, it can definitely compete with our Best Vape Mod List base on its performance and style.

Now It’s Available :

SMOK X-Priv 225W Kit with TFV12 Prince Tank

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SMOK TFV12 Review – The Cloud Beast King

Is the TFV12 by SMOK Really the King of the Sub Ohm Tanks?

The name’s 12 – TFV12 and I’m here to drink ya juice and create a storm cloud – and I’m all out of juice – literally.

cloud beast king review

Yup say hello to the SMOK TFV12 Cloud Beast King and trust me guys n gals this is a cloud chucking behemoth.

It’s the obvious choice if you fancy yourself as a human volcano or have a yearning to become a new Marvel superhero – let’s call him Pea Souper Man.

This monster claims to be the King of the sub ohm tanks – or as I call it the sub Oh My God tank lol.

cloud beast king rainbow colour

Now as an aside you might be one of those vapers that think a coil capable of hitting 350 watts is ridiculous.

I hear you – I mean just how far does vaping need to go before someone says STOP!

But hey I think we’re missing the point here.

Vaping – apart from being the best way to quit smoking – is also fun!

And as a believer in freedom – and I mean real libertarian freedom – then I say whatever floats your boat.

I mean just because the SMOK TFV12 coils hit 350 watts don’t mean you have to hit those heights – or rush out and buy a vape mod that can handle it right?

But I’m digressing as usual – let’s see if we can fight our way through the fog and take a look at the ‘controversial’ Smok TFV12 Cloud Beast King.

In the Box

It’s your usual Smok packaging as in a colourful sleeve featuring a volcano spewing lava with a nice photo of the TFV12 front and center.

cloud beast king box

I received the rainbow effect ‘7 colour’ version and have to say it’s certainly ‘striking’ to look at – it’s also available in black – stainless steel and gold.

Inside you’ll find:

  • 1 TFV12 Cloud Beast King
  • 1 0.12ohm V12-T12 Duodenary Coil
  • 1 0.15ohm V12-X4 Quadruple Coil
  • 1 0.15ohm V12-Q4 Quadruple Coil
  • 1 Replacement Glass Tube
  • Spare Parts & O-Rings
  • Cloud Beast King Tank Ring
  • Instructional Manual

cloud beast king contents

An RBA version is due for release.

Smok TFV12 Cloud Beast King Specs

  • 27mm Base Diameter
  • 28mm Reservoir Diameter
  • 6mL Maximum Juice Capacity
  • Superior Stainless Steel Construction
  • High-Grade Glass Reinforcement
  • High-Temperature Resistant – Explosion Proof
  • Signature Top-Fill Rotary Design with Hinge Lock
  • Massive Dual Adjustable Airflow Control at Base
  • Black Delrin Ultra-Wide Drip Tip
  • Performance-Grade V12 Coil Structure
  • 0.12ohm V12-T12 Duodenary – rated for 60-350W, recommended 130-200W
  • 0.15ohm V12-X4 Quadruple Coil – rated for 60-220W, recommended 100-170W
  • 0.15ohm V12-Q4 Quadruple Coil – rated for 60-190W, recommended 90-160W
  • 510 Connection

cloud beast king specs

It’s a big bugger let’s put it that way.

Key Features of the Smok TFV12

OK apart from the 6ml bucket sized e-liquid capacity the key feature here has to be the coil that has split the vaping world.

The TVF12-T12 coil has the revolutionary duodenary head – duodenary btw is the word used to relate to the number 12 – so in this case the 12 refers to the amount of cylinders within the coil if that makes sense.

cloud beast king coil heads

Anyway it’s this monster coil that has caused some vapers to get their panties in a twist.

As I’ve already said if folks want to vape at 350 watts then so what?

If they can and it’s safe then more power to your clouds mate.

Personally it’s not something I can see myself doing – though [and this is the truth] for the purpose of this review I went out and bought a Wismec RX200S to see if the TFV12 Cloud Beast King vapes OK maxing out as I did at 250watts – more on that in a bit.

So apart from blowing enough clouds to blot out the sun on whatever continent you live what else has this beast to offer?

cloud beast king larger fill port

To be honest Smok has stayed true to the rest of the Cloud Beast family – it looks the same [apart from extra chunky knurling] – however the juice fill hole is considerably larger.

I know from experience it was a bit of a pain fitting larger glass drippers into that hole.

Otherwise it is what it is a bigger version of the TFV8 Cloud Beast – bigger in every sense given it’s as big if not bigger than my mini mods lol.

Design and Build Quality

It reminds me of a tractor or an off roader given its chunky knurling.

Now that’s not a bad thing – I like off roaders lol – but first looks makes you realize this is indeed a serious piece of kit.

Like pretty much all Smok products [I did say ‘pretty much’ lol] it’s wonderfully put together with nice machining.

Straight outa the box things are a little stiff but once juiced up the threads move nicely.

The absolutely ginormous airflow ring spins with just enough resistance to keep it in place – but it does keep on turning as there’s no catch to keep it in place. But like I said once you’ve set your preferred setting it pretty much stays in place.

cloud beast king airflow

As you might expect the coils themselves have huge juice fill ports of varying shapes and sizes with the V12-Q4 having funky looking lightning bolts instead of your run of the mill slits.

Not sure if that did anything to the cloud production or taste if I’m honest and personally I thought it looked a bit daft and the kind of logo Pea Souper Man might have on his costume

Everything comes apart easily for cleaning and Smok includes a 510 drip tip adaptor should you wish to use your own.

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How Does the SMOK TFV12 Perform?

Now anyone who says vaping doesn’t set off smoke alarms needs to go and talk to my 20 or so neighbours.

I live in a newly built set of flats [apartments if you’re posh] with state of the art fire alarms.

cloud beast king components

Now with both my large windows wide open I took a few pulls on the V12-T12 coil and within seconds my pretty large room was filled with vapor.

Unlike any other clouds I’ve created before this vapor just seemed to hang there!

I waved my arms around like a loon for a bit and if I’m honest it was like boxing candy floss!

Boy is the vapor dense!

Anyway – long story short – I spent the next half an hour tooting away on the three different coils and absolutely loving it – so much so I had a big stupid grin on my face the whole time – vaping on the TFV12 is fun!

Call the Fire Brigade!


I opened the door to visit the bathroom and within 3 seconds the fire alarm in the building was triggered and holy crap is it loud!

Cue disgruntled neighbours in their PJs with little wide eyed kids crying on the landings.


They knew it was me as the readout was flashing my flat number for all to see. I guess opening the door and seeing a huge grey sweet smelling cloud filling the hallways was a bit of a giveaway too lol.

Anyway if that doesn’t show you how the SMOK TFV12 performs then nothing will.

The vapor production is intense – it’s thick – dense and seems to have substance lol.

Flavour wise I’ve not been that impressed with the Baby Beast or the Big Baby Beast if I’m honest – but Smok seems to have cracked it with the coils I tried.

V12-T12 Coil


OK after letting this soak for a good twenty minutes I took it from 100watts to 250watts.

At 100watts it was a cold vape but with a decent flavour. The clouds were impressive to say the least and absolutely smashed the vapor production from the Big Baby Beast.

However once I’d gone through the gears so to speak I hit the 250watts and just Wow!

Never mind clouds for days or weeks we’re talking no sun for months lol.

And at 180 watts the flavour was absolutely stunning.



By far the most sensible [haha] of the coils you get with the kit coming in with a sweet spot of around 120watts.

Once again cloud production was phenomenal and the taste as good as I’ve tasted on a Smok stock coil – yeah even as good as the flavoursome low wattage SMOK Brit tanklol.

I did try to max this one at out 200watts and things got a little warm with the flavour dipping considerably giving me not quite a dry hit but the threat of one.



This is the coil with the lightning bolt cut-out juice flow holes so I was expecting fireworks from this one.

I took this beauty from 60watts to its max of 190watts in 20 watt increments.

At the lower end clouds were amazing whilst taste was weak.

I didn’t like the vape at 190watts as again it bordered on the threat of a dry hit – not that I got one but I wouldn’t chain vape at that wattage if you catch my drift.

However at 165watts the taste on this coils blew me away – it absolutely zinged off my tongue with clouds to die for!

As to the longevity of the coils I am currently reviewing Smok’s AL85 kit that comes with the Baby Beast tank.

It might be my bad luck but I am getting no flavour and tons [I mean tons] of dry hits after just one day with both the coils included in the kit – see my review soon.

I have used 70/30 and 80/20 VG and PG e-liquids on the SMOK TFV12 coils and a week later they are all performing and wicking well – and that’s using them every single night at high wattage.

What I Like

OK and no I’m not a cloud chasing wannabe lol – but I think this tank is fun with a capital F.

It might have pissed my neighbours off lol but it put a much needed smile on my face – it is brilliant.

cloud beast king baby beast big baby beast
king – big baby – baby

Sure it’s not the tank you take to the pub – unless you have a very understanding landlord lol because never in the history of the vaping phrase ‘this chucks’ has it been truer.

The TFV12 Cloud Beast King absolutely spews out clouds just like the volcano depicted on the box.

The cloud production doesn’t diminish the flavour either coming close to the Doge III dripper I’ve taken to using in the evenings – high praise indeed.

I love the design – the knurling makes this beast look as bad-ass as it is – yeah even the pretty rainbow colour I got haha.

smok al85 and cloud beast king

On a technical note the much larger fill port is a real improvement and as to the airflow well as you might guess it’s just mental – think a wind tunnel testing a sports car lol.

And despite all that airflow it’s reasonably quiet too.

I know it’s a big tank but given its design – slim around the bottom and broad at the top – it actually had no overhang as such on my Aspire Archon mod or believe it or not my Innokin Coolfire IV TC 100.

bigger than a pebble cloud beast king

Sure there’s the tiniest amount and sure it looks daft lol but actually if you wanted to you could fit it on a smaller mod.

Indeed it looked pretty funky on my Smok Stick V8 – but looks and overhang ain’t everything – this vape tank needs power an lots of it if you’re gonna get the best out of it.

What I Don’t Like

The juice consumption.

Look if you’re driving a high performance car you’d expect it to be gas guzzler – well it’s the same with the SMOK TFV12 Cloud Beast King.

As I said at the start this is as thirsty as a bloke coming out of a desert after a month – boy does it drink!

And given it’s a 6ml capacity AND given the coils are stuffed with cotton – your first few fills will see that increase as the cotton soaks it all up.

You might need to go down the DIY e-liquid route to keep this beast fed and watered.

Like a dumbass I used a well-known expensive e-liquid and got through a 30ml bottle in less than 24 hours – now that hurt my wallet lol.

So apart from the fact you will change climates wherever you vape and you will need to walk around with a Jerry can filled with e-liquid and you will need a mod that will at least hit 100watts upwards – there’s not a lot to dislike


  • 6ml capacity
  • Larger fill port
  • Variety of coils including 12 cylinder monster
  • Great flavour
  • Intense dense unbelievable clouds
  • Solid build


  • Thirsty and I mean THIRSTY
  • No RBA in the kit – that comes separately
  • Clouds are crazy so watch where you vape lol
  • Not TPD compliant

Now It’s Available :

SMOK TFV12 Cloud Beast King tank

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Digiflavor Drop RDA Review

The Digiflavor Drop RDA’s build quality is fantastic and the vape quality is just phenomenal. It has multiple innovations built into its design. It performs fantastic in single coil mode, dual coil mode, and triple coil mode.


Before I even get into this review, I want to warn you that this is going to be a pretty long one. This RDA has a lot of innovations to it that I will go over in great detail. I am going to need a lot more space to go over them properly.

The Drop RDA comes in a two-tiered box. The RDA itself and the spare drip tip are on the top level. Take those items out and remove the foam insert to reveal your spare o’rings, tri tool, 510 drip tip adapter, spare deck screws, and a squonking pin. Everything looks really solid and the first time you see this deck, it just looks beautiful. I’ve never really seen a deck like this before. Some people say that it’s similar to the Dead Rabbit but I would have to disagree. I think it’s much more innovative than the Dead Rabbit. In all honesty, the Dead Rabbit has nothing on this deck.


  • 1x Drop RDA by Digiflavor
  • 1x 810 Frosted Wide Bore Drip Tip
  • 1x 810 Ultem Wide Bore Drip Tip
  • 1x 510 Delrin Drip Tip Adaptor
  • 1x Bottom Feeding Squonking Pin
  • 1x Bag Of Spare Parts

Digiflavor Drop RDA Review


The Drop RDA comes with two types of drip tips. Both of them are 810 or Goon compatible but they are designed to suit vapers with different types of airflow needs. You get a wide bore chuff cap style drip tip. That one is frosted and I think it is better suited for the air flow hogs out there. It is not the really short style of chuff cap. It is tall enough so you do not get bacon lips. You also get a much narrower Ultem drip tip that is taller than the frosted one. This is suited for the vaper that likes a restricted DL hit with more flavor. Both drip tips are extremely comfortable and I have enjoyed using them both. Both drip tips give you the ability to drip right down the middle. In my opinion, the frosted one looks better but the Ultem one gives you better flavor.

Digiflavor Drop RDA Review

Another nice touch that Brian added to the Drop RDA is that he made sure Digiflavor included a 510 drip tip adapter. I think this is the best possible way to package drip tips as far as RDA’s go. It gives you the best of both worlds and it also gives you a ton of choices. I really wish more atomizer manufacturers would make this a common practice.

Digiflavor Drop RDA Review

The exterior of the top cap is done in black and it is flat with a slight beveling around the edges. Around the edges, there are a couple of points that have some grooves in it that act as a light knurling. These little grooves definitely assist you when you are pulling the top cap off. Once the top cap is off the RDA, if you turn it upside down, it looks like a bunch of steps. This RDA has a stepped down design airflow that really gives you a ton of control when it comes to adjusting your airflow. The interior of the top cap does have a conical design as well. Machining on everything is very nice and it seems like they did an excellent job on it. The top cap is held onto the barrel with one o’ring. That o’ring does have a nice tolerance to it and adjusting the AFC is very fluid on this RDA.

The barrel of the Drop is silver and it has a bunch of little air holes that form a T shape for the airflow. Because of the stepped down design of the AFC, the user has the ability to shut down each little airflow hole, one by one, starting at the top of the T. It is an absolutely ingenious design and as far as control goes, it gives the user the chance to really dial in their airflow to a very specific level. There are actually ten little air holes on each side of this RDA. You have the ability to run it as tight as 10% airflow or as loose as 100% airflow, as well as anywhere in between in 10% increments. The variance of the airflow range on this RDA is just amazing.

Digiflavor Drop RDA Review

Right below the T-shaped air holes, there is a cutout that corresponds with a raised part that is on the circumference of the base. This cutout slips into the raised part of the base and it ensures that your top cap stays directly in front of your coil. Again, another very ingenious design that just works well. Not only does it keep that T shape in front of your coils but it also ensures that when you are taking your RDA off of the mod that the sleeve does not spin freely. We’ve all had that happen to us before and it’s really annoying. That will not happen with the Drop RDA. The other job the cutout performs extremely well is it allows the barrel to stay in place while you are adjusting your airflow. It’s the little things like the features I just mentioned that really set this RDA apart from its competition.

Above the T shaped airflow holes, there is some Drop branding on one side of the sleeve. I have a pre-release version. I have been told that on the regular retail version, the Drop branding will be on both sides of the sleeve. Not a big deal, but I thought I should mention it since the pics in this review may not match the retail version as far as the branding goes.

Digiflavor Drop RDA Review

The base of the RDA has two o’rings going around the circumference of it. They have a nice tolerance to them as far as taking the top cap on and off. Also, on the base is the aforementioned raised part that coincides with the cutouts of the sleeve. On the bottom of the RDA, we do have a fully removable gold plated 510 pin. The pin protrudes, so it is safe to use this atomizer on a Hybrid Mech Mods. There is also a Phillips head negative post screw. This RDA does come with squonking pin. There is some Drop and Digiflavor branding on the bottom of the RDA as well as a serial number. The threading that is around the 510 pin is very smooth and so far, the Drop RDA has sat flush on every mod that I have used it on. The base on the Drop is 24 mm in diameter.

Digiflavor Drop RDA Review

The Drop RDA comes in two color choices right now. Both color choices are two-toned. You can get a silver sleeve with a black base and a black top cap or you can get a black sleeve with a silver base and a silver top cap. A lot of people are not going to like this type of two-tone color because some people just like to have one solid color on their RDA. This will also wreak havoc with their matchy match game. In order for you to get a Drop RDA in a solid color, you are going to have to buy two Drop RDA’s. Once you get both RDA’s, you simply swap out the barrels and you have a solid color Drop RDA. I like the fact that they went with a two-tone look but I know some people are going to want it listed as a con. I actually hope that Digiflavor decides to come out with more two toned color options. I would love to see a gold and blue, gold and red or gold and any other color.

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When it comes to the Drop RDA by Digiflavor, this section is really where the rubber meets the road. This deck has so many subtle design innovations that make it absolutely amazing. The first thing you notice when you pull the top cap off is that the posts on this RDA are extremely tall. They almost look like a postless deck that was put up on columns. They are elevated up from the juice well of the RDA and they are gold plated. This is a two-post, two-terminals-per-post design.

You could say that the Drop RDA does build and wick like a postless deck but you would be leaving out a lot of features. To say that would really not do this RDA justice, if that is all you said about it. The post are raised above the deck but the pillars that are holding the post above the juice well have a curvature to them so that when you slide your leads through the post holes, your leads will slide outward and allow you to adjust your coils to the desired height. Not only do they curve out but there is enough room to get a wire clipper in there to clip your leads once you have secured your coils. That alone is just an awesome idea and feature. That is why I said, to call this a postless deck sort of design really would not do this deck justice or give the design the credit it deserves.

Digiflavor Drop RDA Review

We all know that on the average postless deck, we have to pre-cut our leads before we actually install our coils. The Drop RDA eliminates the need for you to do that. That’s why they call it the Drop. You just drop your coils in, tighten your leads down, and then clip your leads. It’s an absolutely phenomenal design. I love designs that make life easier for the vaper. This is definitely one of them.

I will make a prediction right now, you are going to see this deck copied a lot because it is just super easy to build on. Do you know how we always see decks advertised as velocity style decks? I think in the near future, you are going to see a lot of decks advertised as a Drop style deck. This deck is a big deal and it has the potential to be a staple deck in this industry just like the velocity deck.

The post holes on this deck are absolutely massive. They will basically swallow up any type of coil you can dream of. I have seen some builders jam as many as six coils into this RDA. I myself have put as many as three coils in this RDA. It just has massive post holes and it will accommodate any type of lead out there, including big flat wire builds. The nice thing about the post holes is the way they are configured. There is no need to twist your leads once your coils are installed. Your leads stay nice and flat.


Building and wicking this RDA is just super easy. I would recommend this to any builder out there right now. This deck is great for the people who love to do intricate builds and it is versatile enough to suit the vaper that is new to building as well. With the Drop RDA, versatility is the name of the game and you will see me pointing this out a lot throughout this review.

Just do what the RDA says. Take your coil and drop them in the post holes. Measure it out and find out what height you actually want your coils to be at and then all you have to do is simply tighten them down. As far as coil placement goes, I like to run my coils closer to the center of the RDA as opposed to closer to the airflow holes. I find I get much better flavor when my coils or coil is in the middle of the build space. With the way the airflow is designed, you are going to get a lot of bottom and side airflow off of this RDA. That’s what makes it so great when it comes to flavor.

Digiflavor Drop RDA Review

Once the coils are nice and tight, you take your wire clippers and go underneath the post holes where your coil leads are protruding and clip them. That’s it, your RDA is built. Now, all you have to do is pulse out the hot spots and you are ready to wick. Granted, if you are going to run more than two coils in it, it is a little bit more detailed than what I just described but for most people, they’re just going to go with either a single or dual coil build.

Wicking the Drop RDA is a little different because of the height of the posts. This RDA will take longer wicks than you are used to. The way I measure my wicks out is, I measure them up against the o’ring closest to the bottom of the base. I cut my cotton even with that o’ring and then I simply tuck it into the extremely spacious deck. Wick the Drop RDA this way and you will get some great flavor from this atomizer.

The thing that I really like about the way the wicks are held in this RDA is the fact that they are not laying on the bottom of the base. For some reason, I think this helps your cotton last a bit longer since it’s not always sitting in all that juice. I have noticed in the time that I have had to Drop RDA that I do tend to wick this RDA a lot less than I do other RDA’s. My wicks and coils tend to stay cleaner and they last longer in this type of deck. I’m not sure if that is by design but it’s a nice feature.


I know this RDA has been reviewed a lot and I am a little late to the game with this RDA even though I have a pre-release version. There’s a reason for that. I wanted to make sure that I spent enough time with this RDA to really test it out and put it through its paces. I have put multiple builds through this RDA in an effort to deliver a thorough review to my readers. Because this RDA is so versatile and innovative, I felt that I had to spend a little bit more time with it than I would with a traditional type of RDA. I felt I really needed that time in order to do a better job in the overall review.

I have to say that there is really not a lot wrong with this RDA. It’s going to be very tough to find any cons. I have been running single coil builds in this RDA, dual coil builds, and even triple coil builds. No matter what type of build I run, I get a fantastic vape. I think the reason for that is that no matter how hot or cool you like your vape, this RDA has an airflow setting that can match up perfectly with that type of build. I really do think that the airflow adjustability on this RDA is a big key to its fantastic performance. The airflow is so versatile that it doesn’t matter what type of coil you run because there is an airflow adjustment available for that type of coil.

The first type of build that I tried in here was a standard dual coil build. I am running simple Clapton’s that have a 3 mm ID and right now, they are ohming out at .25 ohms on my Think Vape Exus Ark at 75 watts. I have both coils pushed towards the center of the deck and I have been running all different types of juices with this build. No matter what type of juice I run, I get an extremely accurate flavor off of this setup. With this particular setup, at this wattage, I like having just the bottom four air holes open and sometimes I like running just half of the T shape open. Both ways I get an extremely cloudy, flavorful, vape. I do like the cross type of airflow that I get when I only have one side of the T shape open. Either way the flavor is fantastic.

The next type of build I tried was a single coil build. Most of you that read my reviews know that I am a single coil lover. I tend to really like single coil RDA’s and single coil RTA’s. So, it would just stand to reason that I would try to run a single coil in the Drop RDA. I used a Framed Stapled Alien ohming out at .4 ohms. I dropped the coil just below the top of the post holes and ran it right in the middle of the deck. At first, when I ran this type of build, I wasn’t sure if the airflow would really get to my coil but I figured, let’s give it a try and see how it actually works. The reason I wasn’t too sure about the airflow was because if you tuck the coil down below the posts, the actual post of the deck seem to be in the way of your airflow.

I have to say that I was quite surprised at the outcome that I received when I ran the Drop in single coil mode. The flavor is actually excellent and I didn’t feel like the airflow was hindered that much when I was vaping on it this way. With this build, because the coil placement is lower than that of a dual coil build, I made sure that I ran just the bottom four air holes open. While the flavor was pretty good, I felt I could do better. I pulled my wick out, raised the coil above the post holes and rewicked the coil. Once I raised the coil, I got absolutely fantastic flavor this way.

I really like running this RDA in single coil mode. One of the things I really like about it is I don’t have to build on just one side of the deck. I hate RDA’s that have a single coil option with a block on one side and a coil on the other. To be honest, with those types of RDA’s, I tend to just run them in dual coil mode. My feeling has always been, if I’m going to run a single coil, then I’ll run it in an RDA that was specifically designed for a single coil. The nice thing about the Drop RDA is you don’t have to worry about that unbalanced sort of vape you get when you are vaping on a deck with a ceramic block on one side and your coil on the other. Just a fantastic option and a very flavorful setup.

Next, I tried running a triple coil setup in this RDA. Now granted, I’m no master builder but I’ve been doing this for quite some time and I like to think that I know my way around a deck. What I did with this build is I ran three coils in a row above the post holes of the deck. This type of coil setup ohmed out at .07 ohms. Because of how low the ohms are on this build, I decided I was going to run the Drop RDA with the airflow wide open. I couldn’t believe the amount of vapor and the amount of flavor that I got off of a triple coil setup on the Drop RDA. Ok, I had the mod at 125 watts, way higher than I normally vape. I had to vape it at a much higher wattage than I am used to but the flavor and cloud production were next level. It was definitely hotter than my normal vape. It’s not the way that I like to vape and to be honest, I don’t like running my mods that high. It was definitely an experience, but to be honest, I prefer dual coil mode and single coil mode better in the Drop RDA. If you are the type of vaper that likes a hot, flavorful cloudy vape, drop three coils in this deck and you will be one happy vaper.

I love the fact that your coils in dual coil mode are right in the center of the deck. It makes dripping down the middle of this RDA just a sheer pleasure. Not only that, but because of the deep juice well and long wicks, the Drop really holds a ton of juice. It is really hard to over drip on the Drop RDA. I get 25 drops of juice in there with no leaking. I love RDA’s that I can just squirt my juice down the middle of. This is one of those RDA’s. You can paint your coils if that’s what you’re into but for drippers like me, that tend to be sloppy and just like the drip right down the middle, this RDA is just fantastic.

The bottom line is, no matter what type of build I run in this RDA, I get an extremely flavorful vape. If I build specifically for flavor, the flavor is just fantastic. If I build specifically for clouds, I get massive clouds and again, the flavor is just fantastic. I have yet to throw a build in this RDA that I am disappointed in. It just has a ton of airflow options that allow you to run any build in this RDA optimally. This is one of those rare RDA’s that will appeal to the Flavor Chaser as well as the Cloud chaser.


While I had the Drop RDA in single coil mode, I decided to install the squonking pin to see how it performed as a squonker. I have to say that squonking on this RDA in single coil mode is just a phenomenal experience. First of all, the squonking pin is actually raised above the bottom of the juice well. What this does is it ensures that after you squonk, the juice does stay on the bottom of the juice well instead of it all going back in the bottle. With this RDA in squonk mode, you do not have to keep your bottle squeezed until the wicks get saturated. Again, simple little things like this that make a huge difference when you compare the Drop RDA to its competition. The other nice thing about using the Drop as a squonking RDA is the fact that it is really tough to over squonk on this atomizer. It can be done, but you really have to squeeze a lot of juice in there to get it to leak.

Digiflavor Drop RDA Review


As I said earlier in this review, this RDA is just an excellent atomizer and it’s really hard to come up with any sort of significant cons for the Drop RDA. As most of you know, normally I have quite a few paragraphs to write in this section, in most of my reviews. That’s not the case with this RDA. I really can’t think of anything that would have made this RDA significantly better.

The only two things I could think of that would have made it better is more color options and I think Digiflavor should have thrown in some coils. Both things do not have any affect on the vape quality that this RDA puts out. This thing is just damn near perfect.


I really don’t know what else to say about the Drop RDA. In my opinion, if I had to do an RDA of the year right now, the Drop would be the hands down winner. I think it’s the best RDA I’ve ever owned. I love the versatility on it. I love all the airflow options on it. The build quality is fantastic and the vape quality is just phenomenal. It has multiple innovations built into its design. It performs fantastic in single coil mode, dual coil mode, and triple coil mode. It is a great squonking RDA. It’s just a truly great RDA that you need in your life, especially if you are the type of vaper that likes to tinker with different coil setups and combinations. It is so simple to build on that it actually is a great first RDA for a noob. Go get one, you can thank me later. The Drop RDA by Digiflavor has my highest DeucesJack approval. Definitely one of the best RDA’s money can buy. This one will be in my everyday rotation for quite some time. In fact, I am going to buy a few more, if and when the different colors are available.

Now It’s Available :Digiflavor Drop Solo RDA

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