Tesla Nano 120w Steampunk Box Mod Review

I got this Tesla Nano 120w Steampunk Box Mod from Urvapin and I am absolutely loving this thing! Not only is it by far my most aesthetic mod, it is a total beast. I had batteries all ready to go (paired LG HG2s) but I had no idea the finish on this copper-colored mod (Valentine) would be this beautiful. I have on on the way now that I know this is going to be my primary mod for the foreseeable future. For now I am running a Freemax Starre Pure tank on it. Ceramic is my preferred wick of choice, you see.

I was impressed with the beautiful box the mod comes in. I can’t speak for the other colors in this series, but the rose gold one came in an easy-access box that’s gold on the bottom with a white lid that has a cool steampunk design embossed across the top of the lid. Upon opening the lid I just took a second to enjoy the beauty of this mod. It truly is gorgeous. I lifted it out of the box and was immediately impressed by the solid feel of the mod itself, and then by the glossy brushed copper finish. It looks and feels like solid copper! I popped in the batteries and the screen sprang to life. It’s nice and bright and very easy to read. I put the Pure tank on it and noted that the screen shows resistance, voltage, wattage (cuz that’s how I roll), “taste,” (set to hard, also how I roll), output mode (KA), battery level, and memory mode. I easily figured out that to change menu settings you just hit the fire button 3 times and move through the menu by hitting either the up or down buttons. To access the submenu you just hit the fire button. When the menu is on the battery menu you hit the fire button to see the version information. The thing I like best about the battery menu is that you see a bar on the screen and the actual battery percentage right next to it. I noticed that when the battery is full to about 1/4 full the percentage doesn’t change often. When the battery gets very low on power I can watch the percentage change.

This mod has really impressed me by how stable the vape is. I get the exact same hit every single time. No drop-off, no random ramp-up time (no ramp-up time at all!), and the temp is the same on each and every pull. I have not had to adjust my settings at all in the past 4 days. I honestly can’t say that for any of my other mods! Battery life is as good or better than I expected for a dual 18650 mod. It seems to use power very efficiently.

The on/off switch has to be the coolest feature this mod offers, and there are a LOT of cool features. I have carried it with me to work and when out and about and it’s so easy to remember to simply flip the switch to the off position before I pocket (or purse) this mod and I never have to worry about it being set differently when I grab it to take a vape. It’s instantly ready to go as soon as it is flipped into the “on” position.

Once I get the new tank, an Ijust S (in copper, and because it will take the SS EUC ceramic coils with the Atlantis adapter) I will play with it in temp mode. Until then I can’t comment on how it works in TC but I have high hopes for it.

Overall, this is a very solid, well put-together Tesla Nano 120w Steampunk Box Mod with a little heft, an amazing hand feel, and no minuses so far. If you are considering picking up one of these mods, Urvapin has them and I can say my experience with them has been wonderful.

CoilArt AZEROTH RTA like a King

Some vapers are attracted deeply by Azeroth RTA. I have no idea of the reason that vaper chase it and love it.

Let’s have a look on it. First look on it, you would think it is not special, just original like others. But learn about it and you would know, it is triple coils which would make more heavier and attractive cloud. This is the point that experienced players are interested in.

RTA tank is a kind of DIY, it need you to make coils by yourself on the tank. Azetoth RTA is a tank that has been improved, more practical and delicate.

For newbies, RTA is not a good choice. DIY is more complicate for them.

But for experienced player, RTA is absolutely a good good choice. Which will show your good experience and make you feel successful on making the coils. To Choose AZEROTH RTA would not let you feel regret.

One more advantage for AZEROTH RTA, when you fill the liquid, it won’t overflow depending on the design of top-filling.

Here are some tips, we need to pay attention to when make the triple coilsuing the 24G A1:

  1. Need to pay attention to the compactness of winding coils, the better the handmade, the faster coils fused while heating.
  2. To choose good quality heating coils; First, it own strong carbon deposition resistance; Second, it would make fast fusing coils while heating. After all you would need more time for re-making triple coils than duplicate coils.
  3. Pls keep the coil ends on the same length. You could measure one of coil ends without fixing firstly, and shear the other coil ends with similar length according to the first one, then fix all.
  4. When fix the coils, you do not need to mind the direction, you could adjust with winding bar after finish fixing, and also you have no need to fold the coil ends and so on.

What is the difference between RBA, RDA, RTA and RDTA?

RBA, RDA, RTA and RDTA, what’s all the about? Do you know how to sort them out?

Just like shopping for a proper pair of shoes for a special occasion, there is also need for you to know how to choose a proper tank to satisfy your personal need.

Small knowledge to share with you ~

From the usage, atomizers can be divided into two categories, the huge vapor oriented atomizers and the flavor oriented atomizers.

If you vape for replacing smoking, you can choose the flavor oriented atomizers. If you vape for playing and you like huge vapor, you can choose the huge vapor oriented atomizers.

Structurally, tanks can be divided into two big categories,  finished atomizer and RBA.

Finished atomizers always comes with finished coils and come into two types, the huge vapor oriented atomizers and the flavor oriented atomizers.

RBA means you can build your own coil on it, including RDA, RTA and RDTA.

RDA is short for Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer; RTA is short for Rebuildable Tank Atomizer; RDTA is short for Rebuildable Dripping and Tank Atomizer.

Structures of different atomizers:

A finished atomizer is composed of drip tip, top cap, oil tank, finished coil and base.

RTA  is composed of drip tip, top cap, atomization warehouse, oil tank, electrode base.

RDA is composed of drip tip, atomization warehouse cap, atomization warehouse and electrode base.

RDTA is composed of drip tip, atomization warehouse cap, atomization warehouse, electrode base and oil tank.

Suggestions for purchase:

  1. Due to the fact that finished atomizers maintains the strengths of stable flavor and easy operation, they are more suitable for the new vapers or the vapers who don’t have the time or don’t want to build coils.
  2. After a long time development, RTA starts to polarize into two directions. One is the mouth-to-lung RTA that focuses on the flavor of the oil. Another one is the direct-to-lung RTA that focuses on  huge vapor and long duration time. The simplest way to distinguish them is size of the air inlet.
  3. RDA also polarizes into two directions, one is oriented to the huge vapor and the other one is oriented to the flavor. Vapers can distinguish them by the size of the warehouse and air inlet. Generally speaking, the flavor-oriented RDA has smaller atomization warehouse and air inlet.
  4. RDTA is equivalent to a RDA with a oil tank.  Such design is to improve problem of RDA that  it has low oil storage in the cotton.

After evolving for so many years, there appear various atomizers in the market according to the different requirements of the vapers.  All in all, all the innovative structures aim at bringing better vaping experience to the vapers.